Vegan Wonton Soup

Since we are on the subject of soup, I wanted to share with you a picture of my vegan wonton soup leftover from my birthday dinner at Trang Viet in Tampa. If you love wonton soup like I do, you know that vegan wonton soup is not easy to come by in Tampa Bay. This is yet my favorite. I think it tastes like the real deal. Wontons filled with carrots, cabbage, and imitation chicken in a very convincing broth with scallions and slices of vegan ham.


Trang Viet is well-known for its extensive vegan/vegetarian menu, but did you know that you can receive a free entrée (up to $10.00 value) on your birthday? So the medium bowl of vegan wonton soup (too big to eat in one serving which is just as good heated up the next day) that I ordered was on the house. You will find me there every year on my special day. Just don’t forget your ID:)


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2 thoughts on “Vegan Wonton Soup

  1. Have you tried the wonton soup at Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant in Pinellas Park? It makes me feel like my body and soul are being enriched, no joke! And it is so delicious! I prefer it over Trang Viet’s, but I would consider the Southern Vegetarian Soup as Trang Viet’s real prize soup. (:

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